Mevvy’s objective is simple: We want you to find what you are looking for.

All in one place.

Mevvy features a collection of apps, web tools, software and useful websites. You can search for any tool on one website without having to look in different places ever again.

Goodbye randomness.

While app stores are overloaded and search engines imprecise Mevvy has just what you really need – conveniently categorized by interest group. And not only that – we also give you tips & tricks on how to get the most out of your tools on our blog.

Only what works.

Mevvy’s collection only includes tools that really work. You’ll never download a bad or faulty tool again in your life!

Not for geeks.

We are like you. We don’t know much about code but we take the time to explore tools and make them more understandable & accessible. We think that everyone should know about the best stuff out there.

We gave it a name.

The name Mevvy comes from the combination of the words “me” and “savvy”. We think anyone can be savvy and smart. All we’re doing is giving a little input towards that.

It just got better.

Now you can create your own account on Mevvy and bookmark the tools and apps you love! You can also sign up for app alerts when new relevant apps join the crowd!

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